You Can Call Me Mattie 

Growing up with instruments throughout the home, her dad playing in punk rock bands, and weekly family karaoke nights, Matteson has always been surrounded by music. As soon as she learned to play guitar, she began to create music for her poems to express herself. Matteson turned the stairwells and other acoustic spots in her home into concert halls, but soon that wasn't big enough. Since 2008, she has been performing at various venues; including restaurants and breweries throughout the Ozarks and Northwest Arkansas. As well as performing at the You Matter festival in 2019, and joining other artists on stage for writer's rounds and jam sessions. Over the years, Matteson has also developed her craft as a songwriter by making trips to Nashville to both write and record her music. Her dreams as a singer-songwriter came true when she released her first single "Comfortable" in 2018. From there, Matteson has released 8 singles, 2 of which she produced herself, following consistent gigs at local venues such as SixTwelve Coffee House and Bar, Hold Fast brewing Co. and the annual Queen City Shout Music and Arts Festival.

Matteson has the ability to create a lyrical story that will linger in your head for days. By using catchy melodies and honest, heartfelt lyrics, she writes about hope and youth, joy and heartbreak.

Matteson has become an advocate for the mental health community. Sharing her personal struggles with depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia, she hopes to be a voice for the unseen suffering around her, and to help people find strength to continue moving forward. Matteson has always said the purpose of sharing her music is simple: "The goal with my music is to help people feel less alone in this world."

All her life she has done exactly that.


  • Queen City Shout Music and Arts Festivals (Springfield, MO)
  • You Matter Festival (Overland Park, KS)
  • Beard Engine Beard Company (Alba, MO)
  • Turkey Creek Brewery (Hollister, MO)
  • SixTwelve Coffeehouse and Bar (Fayetteville, AR)
  • Taps on Downing Street ( Hollister, MO)
  • Gravel Bar at Wanderoo Lodge
  • The Royal Music Hall (Springfield, MO)


Buzz Music LA

"She has a charisma and aura about her that's contagious and affects anyone who hears her wonderful music.

"Matteson Gregory has been inching closer and closer to a successful career in the music industry."                                                         Review of "War with Myself"                                                                                                                                                                                           Read more


"Matteson Gregory is definitely an artist to watch as she works hard to make connections with people everywhere."

Goathead Records

"Gregory's heartfelt vocals take center stage as they express their desire to catch up with their friends."                                                   Review of "Have You Seen Your Friends?"
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Couch Magazine

"Matteson’s incredible control over her vocals, combined with the gorgeous vocal tone and cinematic landscape create a completely mesmerising experience that will leave you wanting more."                                                                                                                                            Review of "I'll Be Okay"                                                                                                                                                                                                             Read more

Ozarks First

Local musician Matteson Gregory performs her original song “Girl in the Photo” live in the Ozarks Live studio. Watch Here